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Welcome to Valdez Airport Mancamp

Welcome to the Camp! Valdez Airport Mancamp provides private rooms, meals, and even a recreation center and gym. Open all year round, we are excited to serve each guest here with upstanding customer service and the lowest cost housing options available in Valdez Alaska. Available to anyone, we specialize in housing workers and employees from the Alyeska Pipeline, but our services extend beyond it. Having almost 150 available rooms, we provide room and board to any guest.


Your Home Away From Home

At the Valdez Airport Mancamp, our specialty is providing a home-like experience to any worker or any guest. Our rooms here are 9ft x 13ftft, coming with provided cable, internet, and daily all you can eat meals.

See Valdez at a Great Price

Even if you you do not work at the trans-Alaska Pipeline, seeing Valdez and having the amenities necessary has never been easier when you stay at Valdez Airport Mancamp. Daily housekeeping and meals-to-go can provide you with your daily needs, so you can worry about how much skiing or hiking you can get done. 

See and explore Valdez without having to break the bank with all the extra food and hotel costs!



At the Valdez Airport Mancamp, our goal is to make sure you have every amenity you could ever need. From a full buffet style breakfast and dinner, to a moderately sized exercise room, we have it covered. In-house laundry machines and excellent parking space, the Valdez Airport Mancamp is excited to serve you!

Image by Iler Stoe


We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about staying here with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for submitting!

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